SHOCKING – Mother Locks Baby in the Car To Participate in The First Lady’s Marathon

March 11, 2014

crying-black-african-baby-girl-LargeClearly, wonders shall never cease. Just when you think you’ve seen enough, someone somewhere does something that leaves your mouth wide open. During the first lady’s marathon, a woman locked her two children in the car, to go run with the first lady, reports Niaje .
According to the blog, the children were saved by police officers who broke the car windows to get them out of the scorching heat, which begs the question, how does one risk their child’s life to go save women and other children?
This is not the first time we’ve reported such careless acts. Recently, a woman accidentally killed her child with an overdose of piriton so she could go out and party with her pals.
I feel sorry for our kids if these are the kind of mothers they have.

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