Maina Kageni on Homosexuality – As Long as You’re Not Sleeping With a Child, Knock Yourself Up

March 26, 2014

maina kageniHomosexuality still remains a touchy subject in Kenya especially after our neighbours Uganda passed the anti-gay bill, that sentences gay people to up to life in prison.
While others are open about the issue, others, including celebrities have kept mum in a bid to protect their careers. However, Maina Kageni is not shy to speak his mind out. He tackled the issue the same way he tackles all the trending issues during his show, head on.
Apparently, the radio presenter who has been rumoured to be gay is not against gayism. As long as you are not sleeping with an animal or a kid, then do your thing.
“All am saying is that as long as you are not sleeping with a child or an animal, knock yourself up,” he said.
Here’s the video from Ghafla.

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