Kanjii Mbugua Denies Involvement in Controversial Mavuno Poster

March 17, 2014

kanjiThe controversial Mavuno poster appears to have caused tension among senior church leaders. In fact, some leaders blame the involvement of the youth in running church matters for the poster.
Mavuno church associate, Nairobi Chapel was not happy with the poster. Pastor Oscar Muriu, a senior pastor at the church, apologised to their congregation putting the blame on the youth leaders.
“We all saw what happened these past days. Sometimes the youth can get carried away when running church matters.”
Kanjii Mbugua, who is one of the youth leaders, has however denied being involved in the poster.
“I’m just a worship leader. There is no way I was involved in that. I however think that the church was right to make the poster,” he told Nairobian newspaper.

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