K-Denk Finally Drops His AK-47 For The Mic

March 20, 2014

kdenkkFormer Tusker Project Fame contestant from South Sudan, K-Denk Deng, has finally seen things as they should be and chosen peace over war and bloodshed. The rapper, who gathered quite a following during his stay at the music show, took to guns on returning back home and declaring openly that he was fighting for his country.
Through his Facebook page, K-Denk was seen brandishing AK-47’s with other youths and appeared intent on his mission despite calls from his fans and friends to embrace peace.
Now K-Denk has dropped his gun and taken up the mic. In fact, he is set to perform in a peace concert on 22 March in Juba. K-Denk has also been posting peace and togetherness messages on his Facebook page.

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