Joyce Akinyi Set To Tell it All in a Sizzling New Book

March 17, 2014

AkinyiIn a bid to clear all the misconceptions that have dogged her, Chinedu’s ex lover Joyce Akinyi is writing a book to tell it all.
The controversial businesswoman and wife to former Budalangi Member of Parliament Raphael Wanjala, expressed her interest in writing after bumping into Standard columnist, Tony Mochama (Smitta) after his successful book launch a week ago.
Among the issues Akinyi is hoping to clarify with readers is her bitter fall out with Nigerian husband Anthony Chinedu and her relationship with Raphael Wanjala. The two have on several occasion been arrested for drug trafficking charges.
“I have always wanted to write a book about myself to clear all the misconceptions that people have about me,” Akinyi told The Nairobian.
Smitta has agreed to write the bio with a barter trade in the cards as payment.
“I’m actually very expensive but in this case I actually prefer a barter trade. A litre of vodka from her Deep West Cluband two kilograms of the maize meal she got from Tanzania,” Smitta joked.

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