Kenyan To Climb Mt Everest

March 18, 2014

steveLupita said that no matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid. However, some dreams are a bit off… sorry to say. What if you were a parent and your small kid said that their dream was to climb Mt Everest? I’d most probably laugh it off and ship them to a boarding school the next morning hoping they’d grow up. However, some of them are determined and focused and when they put their mind to something. That is the case with one 39 year old Steve Obayi.
Apparently, Steve has always had a dream of climbing the tallest mountain in the world – Mt Everest. The mountain stands at 29,029 feet and is among the coldest places in the world.
“The ultimate goal in this expedition is to show that a regular guy from Africa is capable of achieving in non-traditional areas,” he said.
He also took the opportiunity to inspire the youth to chase their dreams.
“Go out there, take the first step, keep a focused eye out and the pieces will fall into place. Your dream will turn into reality.”
To his resume, Steve and his team has conquered Mt Kenya and Mt Kilimanjaro, which is the tallest Mountain in Africa.
Brighter Monday has come out to finance his dream and they have donated 1.75 million.steve2
“We at BrighterMonday are stimulated by the resolves of these two Kenyans who are about to inspire a global community, to approach life head on, with determination, courage and with resolve like that needed while seeking a job anywhere in this world,” said BrighterMonday Sales Director Robert Kimani.
If he makes it, Steve will go down history books as the first Kenyan to climb Mt Everest.

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