Church of Satan Nairobi Branch is Fake, Says Mother Church

March 10, 2014

churchofsatanNow now now, where do I start with this. Lets start with the basics. If you didn’t know, there is a sect that worships the devil right here in Nairobi . It has been using the name Church of Satan. 
Now, America’s Church of Satan is accusing its alleged Nairobi branch of being fake and using their name illegally to recruit members.
“I can assure you that this alleged group in Nairobi is not part of the actual church of satan. We have no association with them. These people are a fraud, plain and simple.” Bill, a representative of the church, told the Nairobian.
Bill warned that the mother church would take legal action.
“We do not sanction any sort of church of Satan branches like that. They are just stealing our name for attention. We will be taking the appropriate legal actions against them,” he said.
The church was invented in 1966 by an American occultist and author Anton Szandor Lave.

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