Helicopter of Christ’s Pastor Wahome Charging Sh1000 For Information on Whether You’ll Go To Heaven

February 10, 2014

congregationHelicopter of Christ’s Pastor Thomas Wahome knows if you will go to heaven and he is ready to share the information if you can part with Sh1000 only. It is reported that thousands of people are flocking his downtown Nairobi church hall, for the priceless information.
The pastor has been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons suggesting a man using the word of God to enrich himself.
Last year, Pastor Wahome was reportedly charging Kshs.1,200 to anyone who wanted to get healed, and this was to happen by touching his clothes. With knowledge of the bible, where a bleeding woman touched Jesus’ garment and got healed, gullible believers are said to have flocked his church.
During a divorce battle in 2011, estranged wife Leah Mueni revealed the pastor owned a Prado, a Lexus, two Mercedes Benz and a Pajero. She also revealed the pastor attended to 500 people per day and each of them parts with Kshs.10,000 to see him. If you do the math that would amount to a whooping Kshs.5 million daily.
This new tactic, in my opinion, is taking it too much.

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