UoN’s Babu Owino To Spend Sh4 Million on SONU Campaigns

February 5, 2014

babu Former SONU Chairman Babu Owino has returned to school for his second degree, this time a law degree (His first was in Actuarial Science and he got a first class honours).
The flamboyant politician is seeking to have a second go at the chairmanship, and this time he’s not sparing any cash.
Babu is stinking rich, as in tens of millions rich, and he is said to be ready to spend Sh4 million to ensure his election.
In a recent post on the University students’ Facebook page, Babu’s campaign strategist reportedly offered to finance all congress hopefuls, as long as they sing his tune.

#TEAMBABU can now authoritatively declare that BABU OWINO will spend 45,000 dollars on aspiring CONGRESSMEN/LADIES in UON. Each CONGRESS aspirant from all UON hostels will have 250 digital posters,400 fliers,2 banners,ksh.30,000 and 150 wristbands etc. ALL CONGRESS ASPIRANTS ARE THEREFORE REQUESTED TO CONTACT #TEAMBABU SECRETARIAT FOR IMMEDIATE SPONSORSHIP…..+254711660148..NB// AT LEAST ONE CANDIDATE WILL BE FUNDED IN EVERY HALL..IF TWO ARE FUNDED,ONE WILL BE NOMINATED…IF THREE ARE FUNDED,ONE WILL BE NOMINATED THE OTHER WILL JOIN THE ”MILLITARY”…….#bigballskende

The source of Babu’s immense wealth has always been a matter of speculation, but he has denied any involvement in drugs. He says he owns clubs and other small businesses, but a good number of people believe his involvement with politicians has made him what he is.

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