Ugandan Newspaper Exposes Top 200 Homosexuals in The Country

February 27, 2014

red pepperNow, I don’t really know what is going on with our neighbours, Ugandans, but something needs to be done really fast. After Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni boldly signed the anti gay bill into law, despite pressure from western countries like USA, a Ugandan tabloid has published a list of the ‘Top 200 homosexuals in the country’. Somebody please tell me am just having a bad nightmare.
The paper, red pepper, released the list which includes top gay activists, a top hip hop artist and a priest, in the process putting their lives in total risk. Back in 2011, yet another tabloid published their list of gay men in Uganda resulting in the death of a one of them, through an angry mob.
I think the editors enjoy people getting burned alive, after all it makes news.
Uganda is currently under scrutiny from international organisations who have condemned Museveni for signing the bill. The Netherlands has cut their 7 million euros aid to Uganda while Denmark and Norway said that they would redirect 6 million euros each to the private sector.

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