Traffic Officer Stops Unmarked Car Only To Find President Uhuru Inside

February 10, 2014

FILE KENYA ELECTIONS KENYATTAIt seems President Uhuru is not always happy to move around in large convoys, and would some time prefer the peace of driving incognito.
A police officer was recently shocked after he stopped a vehicle in a city road, only to find the president on the passenger seat. Witnesses told Nairobi news that the police were busy clearing the road for the president, who was as usual expected to be in a motorcade.
The officer in question is said to have attempted to stop this particular car several times, with the driver insisting to drive on. However, after numerous efforts and persistence, the car stopped and guess who rolled down the window? The President himself.
” Ni mimi officer, fungua.” He said which translates to ” Let us through officer, its me.”
The officer could not believe his eyes and hurriedly let them through. Uhuru Kenyatta was reportedly headed for a family meeting in one of Nairobi’s five star hotels.
This is not the first time the president has opted to travel incognito, he is said to have caught several officers off guard.

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