Teacher Wanjiku’s New Show Flops Badly… Reactions From Kenyans

February 24, 2014

wanTeacher Wanjiku has flopped, repeat TEACHER WANJIKU HAS FLOPPED…. nothing new here. We all knew it was gonna happen.
We may have felt sorry for Eric Omondi, but I will not waste a minute feeling anything for Wanjiku. They said only fools learn from their mistakes, and unfortunately Wanjiku may have proved them right.
Her style of comedy is not exactly appealing to everyone. This is mostly because it incorporates few or no jokes at all, but is entirely based on shrubbing. Even the most die hard Wanjiku fan will get bored at some time. Most got bored when she was still at Churchill.
At Churchill however, she was a rare commodity, appearing once every two weeks for about 5 minutes. Now, she will grace your TV every week for almost half an hour. It is said that Citizen booked over 50 episodes hoping to keep you indoors on Friday nights, but their plan may have backfired.
It will remain to be seen how long the comedian lasts, considering the reactions of Kenyans on social media. We have sampled a few.
Some of them are quite depressing and I really hope she’s not reading this.

@dekelvoh i thot Teacher Wanjiku wud do better than in Churchill bt she just missed
I bet if Chief Kariuki had a show it would be more watched than Tr. Wanjiku’s – @iMoOrey_
I see no future whatsoever in that ‘Teacher Wanjiku’ thingy on Citizen Tv. They can prove me wrong! – @WakiniMims
Finally got to watch Teacher Wanjiku. Clearly, I am not her target audience – @_lukuya
Citizen TV epic Fails this week.
1. Teacher Wanjiku show
2. Lilian Muli’s The Fashion Watch!
#TVFail #TVSuicide – @xtiandela
Teacher wanjiku show is funny… if you Were held at gunpoint and forced to laugh.@JMOxQuail_
Teacher Wanjiku now has her own show like she wasn’t boring at Churchill Show already. – @Twiiterati
R.I.P Teacher Wanjiku’s career 2013-2014 – @sickolia_
Bigwigs want to bring down teacher wanjiku like they did the quail industry – @TheKimutai
Jalang’o tried, it flopped. Eric Omondi tried, it flopped..Teacher Wanjiku tried, it flopped.. Churchill got you hooked like Safaricom – @xtiandela
They say One can play comedy, two are required for melodrama, but a tragedy demands three. #TeacherWanjiku has it the tragedy – @fokango
Dear #TeacherWanjiku there was never interesting life. Such a thing is an impossibility.Inside of the dullest exterior there is tragedy. – @fokango
My heart goes out to #TeacherWanjiku, and hope that she has the good sense to stay far away from social media as she works things out. – @Faimus_
Teacher Wanjiku Aki pole! Take time to learn don’t rush rush – @Kipezer
your Tv show was boring! Hebu rudi kwa churchil live! – Fridah Mulu
#TeacherWanjiku should just stick to teaching. literary ofcourse – @dj_insync
so Mwakazi of the royal voice wasted his voice hypying #TeacherWanjiku show! he could have used the time to apply more solea in his hair! – @dennisochenja
Did your last relationship last longer than Teacher Wanjiku’s career?” – @machozi_paula
@tinxwanjatinx: Najua Teacher Wanjiku ana miss kukua on #Churchill show.woiyee”
@Diazvidia: #teacherwanjiku show should be sponsored by harpic coz imejaa mavi tupu”
#TeacherWanjiku inafaa apewe kazi ya kuosha vyombo vya habari citizen. – @majormaina
I seriously do not have time to hear #AlamaYaDukuDuku for 30 minutes. Sorry for you if you still laugh at that. #TeacherWanjiku #KOT – @Halfjadhe
Wanjiku is on her way to be entertaining idlers at Kenkom #TeacherWanjiku – @Storchmatioli
My advice for comedians is never to leave #churchillshow. Only Jalango, Obinna n Otoyo have made it outside the show #TeacherWanjiku – @Diazvidia
@xtiandela: Citizen TV should take this #FashionWatch together with #TeacherWanjiku and ship it to GBS or KBC!”

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