Robert Alai’s Message To All The Single Ladies Over 30

February 21, 2014

robBlogger Robert Alai has a message for the single ladies over 30, who are always attending weddings but never seem to find a man of their own.
He says you are sick if you have contributed to more than 3 weddings, but are still desperately single. In a Facebook post, Alai has also defended his single status,
Here’s what he wrote.
Some women and few girlish men amaze me. They scare me. Here is a situation where a woman attends weddings and chamas every week but she is over 30 and seems not to be getting any man to put a ring on to her finger.
Una ugonjwa if you have contributed to more than 3 weddings (financially or in kind, like stealing the groom the night before the wedding) while you are still desperately single.
Don’t ask me if I am married unless you are applying to be mine because like the Luo say, wuoyi ok tow (a man doesn’t rot – grow old). At 70, I will still be playing number 9 without any viagra. 
Wasichana, you can’t be infinitely in wedding committees while you are still desperately single.

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