Did You Know ‘Papa Tunde’ in TV Series ‘The Originals’ is Kenyan?

February 4, 2014

owisoOwiso Odera is not the first name that comes to mind when you think of Kenyan actors that have made it big in Hollywood. While he is famous and idolised in America, he remains unknown to many back in Kenya. Owiso was born to Kenyan parents in Khartoum, and raised in Nairobi.
He started acting in 2005 in Numbers as Tate Gilliman. He acted in The Unit as Zemode the following year, and appeared in an episode in Relative Obscurity a year later.
Owiso also appeared in four episodes of  Dirt  as Gareth Dasilva in 2007. In The Thirst Blood War he portrayed Rico.
He starred  in season 1 of flash forward as  Abdi Khalif. He also plays the role of Papa Tunde in the TV show, the originals. Majority of  the show’s fans think his scene is the scariest.
To add to his credentials, he will play the young king in H4, which is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Henry the IV. H4 is scheduled to premiere on February 4.
Somebody explain to me how an actor with such a reputation remains uncelebrated.
Here’s a scene from The Originals.

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