Are You a plus size model?

February 27, 2014

msupaHere is how to make it as a Plus-size model
Are you a plus-size runway/fashion model looking for a designer to work with?
Are you a plus-size commercial model looking forward to feature in TV adverts?
Are you a plus-size glamour model looking forward to break out in this star-studded and celeb-chromed industry?
Are you a plus-size print model looking forward to appear on magazine covers and billboards?
Are you a plus-size body-part model looking for body-part modeling jobs?
Are you a promotional model looking for advertising jobs for new brands and products?
Register with and let the job look for you instead.
Create an online account (e-profile) with
Add your portfolio (not necessary for first time models).
Add high quality images that will impress the end client.
Apply for the jobs that the client posts.
Wait to be shortlisted and contacted by the client.
Chat, interact one on one with the client.

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