Philip Moi Ordered To Pay Wife Sh2.7 Million or Face Arrest

February 3, 2014

philipRetired President Moi’s son, Philip has been ordered to pay 2.1 million shillings for his wife’s rent arrears.
The wife, Ms Pluda, told the court  through her lawyer that she had been locked out of her house for delayed payment.
“As we speak, the situation is getting worse, my client has been locked out of her house for failure to pay rent.” said her lawyer Mrs Thongori.
Evans Ondiek, Phillip’s lawyer, came to his defence saying that the complainant was not being sincere.
” We have paid her some money. It is now January and my client is also paying rent for the children, we can give her some money but 2.7 million is a lot to demand right away.”
His lawyer added that he was ready to part with ksh 700, 000 but judge Lukaku heard none of it. He directed that he clears the outstanding arrears by February 6th.
Following pleas by Phillip’s lawyer, the judge extended the deadline to February 10th.
Should Philip Moi fail to pay, he will charged with contempt of court and risk jail time.

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