Open Letter To Governor Evans Kidero

February 11, 2014

kideroTo the Governor,
I’ve taken the liberty of compiling a list of things that are wrong with Nairobi. These are issues ranging on the spectrum of big to small but they’re all issues that can be fixed or measures taken to avoid. Do indulge me by reading it and responding in kind.

  • Matatus breaking the laws
  • Corrupt traffic policemen looking for bribes
  • Policemen breaking the laws
  • Traffic, traffic, traffic
  • How alcoblow is being handled
  • Surge in crime rates
  • No lighting on many streets
  • So many potholes on so many roads
  • No proper drainage system so roads get flooded when it rains
  • Lack of pavements makes walking risky for pedestrians
  • Inept healthcare system
  • KNH, major referral hospital in whole of East Africa lacking equipment and necessary supplies
  • Inept educational system
  • Air pollution being ignored
  • Unroadworthy cars allowed on the streets
  • Hardly any recycle bins in the city
  • No transparency from parliament
  • Cycling lanes for cyclists
  • Corporate encroachment on Nairobi National Park
  • Terrorism
  • No sewerage systems in the city’s slums
  • No alternative public transport system
  • Ksh 300 for parking fees
  • Unresponsive police force
  • Unreliable electricity supply in a metropolitan city
  •  Police at airport not checking cars for weapons or explosives but instead for expired insurance
  • Impunity for government officials and large organizations
  • Corrupt city council askaris
  • Broken traffic lights
  • Open manholes

Now, Mr Governor, this is a wide list of issues that face the common Nairobi resident on a daily basis. I am fully capable of elaborating on each and every issue placed here. I am also capable of coming up with feasible solutions for these issues. Most of them are pretty simple to deal with. Others may prove difficult but there are ways to work on those issues. For now, I find nothing being done because of your lack of transparency. If you don’t show the people what you’re doing systematically, the people will not know. Also, we’d love a definitive response to the question that @KOTDemands and the mass #KOT who are behind it have been asking for two weeks now. Thanks.
Anyways, for those of you reading, please feel free to add your own issues in the comments section below. I bet that this list doesn’t even cover half the issues that we Nairobians are faced with on a daily basis.
By Just Sham It

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