One Million Condoms To Be Distributed in Nairobi ahead of Valentines

February 10, 2014

CONDOMKenya’s king of Condoms Stanley Ngara will supply a million condoms ahead of Valentines day.
Ngara and other health officials will spearhead the International Condoms Day, which will be held on February 13. The event will be the first of its kind in Kenya. Ngara has promised to supply a million condoms throughout the city. He told the Nairobian that this initiative was meant to help prevent STIs and unwanted pregnancies.
“You know Valentines is about love and love is about sex. We must advocate for safer sex. We don’t want to hear about this infections again and regretful pregnancies come November 14.”
The King of condoms, as he is commonly referred to, works with Liverpool VCT whose main aims is to prevent sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and AIDS. In a recent TV interview, he said that he distributes at least 1000 condoms per day.

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