Museveni on ‘BL0W J0BS’… The Mouth is For Eating

February 25, 2014

m7Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni yesterday signed the anti-homosexual bill into law. This will see Ugandan gays sentenced to up to life imprisonment… same sentence as violent robbers.
Africa morals aside, I think the law is primitive and it shows Uganda probably needs a president change. I think the real issues should be rape, defilement and other non-consensual sexual practices. I don’t understand why it should bother anybody what two adults do as long as they do not hurt anyone. Judgement should be left to their God.
And in any case, prison is meant to reform people, but from the stories we hear about them, they are modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. I doubt imprisoning a homosexual for 14 years will change him. It may actually cement the practice.
The president said that homosexuality does not occur naturally but by choice. “No study has shown that one can purely be a homosexuals by nature. A study done in Sweden showed that 34% were homosexuals as a result of nurture not nature” he said adding that he does not understand why “one can fail to get attracted to these beautiful women and get attracted to a man.”
It’s true that choices have consequences, but I don’t think life imprisonment is appropriate in this case. I do not think any imprisonment is appropriate.
That aside, Museveni also made some controversial remarks on oral sex. He said that the mouth should serve its intended purpose and not what people have turned it into.
“The mouth is for eating not sex, The mouth is not engineered for that thing.” he said.
Honestly, what is bothering Museveni? Why is he concerned with people’s bedroom affairs?
Don’t be surprised if he soon bans blow j**. Remember he banned mini skirts last week.

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