Lulu Hassan’s Husband Publicly Professes His Undying Love For Her

February 25, 2014

They say that the secret to a long lasting relationship is to always keep the relationship spiced up. That is exactly what Citizen TV news presenter Lulu Hassan’s  husband, Rashid Abdalla did yesterday.
Rashid poured out his heart to Lulu Hassan via his official facebook page. He openly professed his love for her and even apologised for the times he has wronged her. He posted the photo below of them dancing on their wedding night followed by the post below.
rashid and lulu
“She will always be the love of my life. She is the reason am whom i am today. Her self-esteem has made me realize the meaning of true love. She is my best friend. Love you so much and as a human being maybe if by any chance i wronged you in anyway since the very first time i saw you then am sorry my love. May God bless 

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