Why KBC And 1FM Could Be Forced To Shut Down

February 6, 2014

one1FM could be forced to close down if the courts grant permanent infringement against them.
The Music Copyright Society of Kenya has sued the media house alongside KBC for failure of compliance. They have failed to acquire the MCSK licence that allows them to broadcast both local and international music.
“MCSK has over the past years been negotiating with some of the defaulting broadcasters and it was after lengthy negotiations where 1FM, KBC and others in the pipeline, failed, refused and /or neglected to comply with the legal requirement for taking of broadcasting license from MCSK.”The court orders allow MCSK to take an inventory (evidence) of the actual infringement by 1FM and KBC, and this evidence will be used in court,” MCSK chairman, Okoth said.
The licence covers  both the music works in music videos, music albums and also covers musical works in audio visual works like movies, television programmes. If the court grants permanent infringement, the media houses could be forced to close down.

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