Jeevanjee Gardens Set For Sh 30 Million Facelift

February 25, 2014

DCF 1.0Jeevanjee gardens is set to receive a Sh 30 million facelift in the next six months.
The park, located in Nairobi’s Central Business District will be redesigned to include a children play area, a local arts corner and rid off all the existing restrictive barriers.
The fence will be pruned to just above knee level.
During the launch of the rehabilitation on Monday, Nairobi governor Evans Kidero said that the process will be done in one phase, to avoid risk of not getting completed.
The problem with these projects done in phases is that they risk not being completed,” he said.
The project had initially been planned for three phases due to financial constraints. Kidero however ordered the collapse of the phases into one and that the deficit of Sh 27 million be included in the 2014/15 county budget.
The County government of Nairobi is aiming to have a public park in each of the 17 sub counties.
Jeevanjee gardens was donated by Ali Bhai Mulla Jeevanjee in 1906 to the people of Nairobi.
Once complete it will have a team of workers for it’s maintenance.

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