Court Orders Shebesh To Surrender Baby To its Mother

February 21, 2014

shebesh husbandNairobi women representative Rachel Shebesh is embroiled in yet another legal tussle, this time pertaining to custody of a child. Shebesh has been ordered to surrender a child in her custody to it’s biological mother Ms Natasha Gachie.
Giving the order on Wednesday, the court said that the two parties should seek an out of court settlement on maintenance, failure to which the case will proceed to full hearing on March 13.
Ms Natasha claims the child was snatched from her while she was admitted in hospital. She accuses Shebesh, her husband Frank and the child’s father Teejay Ashivende of blocking her access to the child. Ashivende, who resides at Shebesh’s residence, allegedly snatched the baby shortly after delivery at a City hospital in April last year.
Aside from gaining sole custody of the baby, Ms Gachie,21, wants the court to order the father to pay support and maintenance amounting to Kshs 200,000 per month.

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