Sonko’s Advice on How To Achieve Success

February 12, 2014

sonkooSenator Mike Mbuvi popularly known as Mike Sonko is one of the richest politicians in Kenya. He is known for his flamboyant lifestyle and for his unending generosity. How exactly does he do it?  He shared this piece of advice on how to achieve success in his Facebook page.
“One attribute of Kenyans or People who set the pace today is that they were bold and visionary enough to see what others did not see and act on them before others realized what was happening. We cannot roll time backwards but we can leap forward in time and make what others call the future our present. This means that by the time they get to that future it will be our own past. When at that future, the pain, the uncertainty and rejection of the present will suddenly no longer be seen as such but as a passage necessary for the migration from today to tomorrow to happen Now think of yourself today. Think of your weakness, your shortcomings, your uncertainties and your fears. Today is the seed that needs to be planted for tomorrow. Once we have the seed, there is hope. However, having the seed is not enough. What we do with the seed is the greatest determinant of our tomorrow. So, many have given up because of the pressures of today. They lacked the crucial understanding that the pressure if handled right was the first fruits of the pleasure to come. Every trial has an expiry date.”
Sonko is currently on a tour in the USA.

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