Alcoblow is Unhygienic and Should Be Banned – Gitobu Imanyara

February 13, 2014

alcoAlcoblow! Alcoblow! Alcoblow! For how long will this thing ruin our lives? Who even invented this thing? That is the question on every alcohol user’s head. While the latter remains unanswered, the former might just have an answer if Lawyer Gitobu Imanyara’s petition sails through.
Imanyara, in his petition, argues that the continued use of alcoblow is unconstitutional. In fact, the rules were never tabled in Parliament as required by the law terming them illegal and unconstitutional. He further argues that the alcoblow gadget is unhygienic and that in itself is an acceptable. It turns out that alcoblow was earlier on suspended by the high court because it did not meet the allowed hygienic standards.
“The so called disposable kits are not being handed over to the drivers and the allegations that the gadgets are not being reused cannot be guaranteed. There are chances that the police could be using the same kit on more than one driver.” Imanyara says.
The lawyer has also questioned the manner in which the evidence is obtained arguing that since it is collected from the suspect, it categorises it as self incriminating evidence which is against the law.
” The manner in which the evidence is collected is unlawful because it relies on self incriminating evidence. This is contrary to the constitution.”
Should the petition be successful, it could see the alcoblow become a thing of the past which means that the police would have to come up with other ways to curb drunk driving.

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