jeff1. He is 48 years old born in Jan 7th, 1966
2. He has a wife, Shaila and son Jamal Mbiyu
3. His hobbies include Swimming, Collecting African Art, Music
4. He has worked for Reuters Television, CNN, K24, Arise TV, KTN etc.
5. He loves his cigar cuban, and smokes twice a day; in the morning and in the evening
6. He has known his wife for 28 years and they’ve been married for 15
7. He is most insecure about negative feedback, especially on Twitter
8. He does his hair once every 3 weeks, alongside his pedicure and manicure
9. He gels his hair every morning.
10. He was raised by a single mother

* Bonus
His daily schedule involves waking up at 6am, taking his son to school, then doing a 2km swim in the school pool.