VIDEO – Sonko Reveals How He Makes Profits of Upto Sh80 Million in One Transaction

January 7, 2014

sonko5Nairobi senator Mike Sonko was hosted on Newsmakers last week, where he let Citizen TV journalists into his life.
For the first time ever, the senator provided Kenyans a tour of his Runda home. (You’ll see that in the video)
At around the 7th minute of this video, Sonko explains where he gets his money. He said that he depends on his salary, his clubs and matatus. He added that he is a land and estate agent, where he talked of how he can buy a beach plot for Sh 20 million, advertise it abroad and sell it for Sh 100 million.
That’s almost Sh80 million profit.
With that kind of money, Sonko easily affords a motorcade of 6 cars, a whole collection of flashy shoes and matching hats in his office, a gold plated iPad, and of course a bikini telephone.
Here’s the ‘Newsmakers’ video.

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