Kabogo in Trouble For Saying Single Women Should Not Be Elected as Leaders

January 29, 2014

kabogoKiambu Governor William Kabogo is in hot soup after he said that unmarried women were not fit for leadership and should not be elected into office.
“We must not elect leaders who do not have family values. I ask you women who are more than 35 years old and not married to get married as you are the reason men have problems,” Kabogo said.
He was speaking in Kangoya village during the launching ceremony of  a 1.8 million shillings water project. The governor said that anyone who wants to vie for any leadership position should be accompanied by their spouses.
“We will be asking any woman who wants to be elected to bring her husband and any interested man to bring his wife. I will now be moving around with my wife,” Kabogo said.
He advised the public that anyone who had no control on his family would not be able to lead a Nation.
“Unmarried persons who cannot lead a family can not lead a nation.” He said.
The Governor is believed to have directed  the comments to Thika MP Alice Ngang’a who he accused of financing demonstrations in Thika.
“You cannot poke fingers into my eyes and expect me to keep quiet. I know the county’s elected leaders are the ones sponsoring the demonstrations. The person I beat in the election is the financier of the demonstrations yet he has not even built anything to show  in his home area,” Kabogo said.
Governor Kabogo also assured his voters that he would not be intimated by his opponents. He added that not even a million signatures could remove him from office.
“I will ensure Kiambu is developed and those who think I can be removed by signatures are dreaming. It is the county assembly and Senate that can remove me,” he said.
Kabogo asked  Kenyans to pay their levies in time to enable development. He also said that he did not care whether he would be a one term governor as long as Kiambu County develops.
William Kabogo statements aroused mixed reactions all over the country. Nairobi women rep Reachel Shebesh is among the many Kenyan women who thought the statements were spiteful and insensitive.

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