PHOTO – This Sh 30 Million Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Just Landed at JKIA

January 14, 2014

If you ever want to find out just how rich Kenyans are, you only need to take a walk in the streets of Nairobi. You’re sure to spot more than a few very expensive cars. From top of the range Range Rovers, to Audis and even Rolls Royce, you’ll see them all.
Many of these are not necessarily owned by politicians or renowned businessmen, but upcoming youthful millionaires who do not hesitate to throw more  than Sh20 million on a car.
This Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, for example, has just arrived in Nairobi. It will cost you around Sh20 million to buy and probably another Sh15 or so million to import.
This is exactly how it looks.
Photo by @KenyaCarBazaar

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