Mombasa Woman Selling Her Kidney To Settle Son’s Sh2 Million Hospital Bill

January 7, 2014

flA woman in Mombasa has resulted to selling her kidney so as to settle her son’s hospital bill. Florence Wanjiru, a resident of Mshimoroni area in Mombasa says that her son is being detained at Aga Khan Hospital in Mombasa, until she offsets a Sh 1.8 million bill.
Just before Christmas, Florence made known her plight through the Facebook page Business Ideas 101. “Hello people, i wish to sell one of my kidney to settle my son’s hospital bill of,2 m, my no:0725381030” she wrote.
Following that post, Florence has been able to raise Sh21,000 from well wishers on social media. That is however only a small fraction of what is needed.
Speaking to Nairobi Wire on phone on Monday, Florence, 28, said that her child has been in hospital since 26th November, a period within which the bill has gotten to what it is. A sum of Sh 758,000 has already been paid, but the hospital will not ‘release’ baby Larry until the remaining Sh1.8 million is cleared.
According to her, her family assisted a little, but it seems they got tired. Asked what was their reaction when they heard she was selling her kidney, Florence said that they are not aware.

Baby Larry Owino


According to her, the 9 month old Larry Owino was discharged yesterday but will continue to be detained for the foreseeable future, unless someone agrees to buy her kidney.
The young, jobless mother had written to Facebook blogger Cabu Gah, explaining her situation. This is what she said.

I live in Mombasa…in the Mshimoroni area.
I have a little boy.
His name is Larry Owino Odoyo.
A 9-month old boy with a terminal disease. And he is currently admitted at Aga Khan Hospital in Mombasa.
AND BECAUSE OF HIM,I am hawking my own kidney to a tune of Ksh.1.5 million.
Reason being,My son Larry has been detained in Hospital until I clear the Ksh.1.6 million bill that he incurred.
I have sold almost EVERYTHING I ever had to try and offset my sons runaway bill.
BUT IT HASN’T worked yet.
My son is 9 months old….and he has spent 4 weeks in the I.C.U.
I am deeply disturbed and distraught.
so far,I have managed to raise a paltry Ksh.21,000 via SOCIAL MEDIA.
But I have a Ksh.1.6 million bill to pay.
After selling EVERYTHING I had to raise the sum,I was left with NO OPTION……than to sell my own KIDNEY.
So,here we go….
I am seeking for anyone who needs a kidney.
It could be a hospital,individual or NGO.
I am selling my left or right Kidney ANY DAY FROM TODAY.
I hope to sell it at Ksh.1.5 million. tho the price is negotiable.
Am doing it to get my little boy out of hospital.
And to pay his unbelievably huge medical bill.
To purchase the kidney or to help in any way,kindly use this number. Its my PERSONAL NUMBER.
Or contact me via My FACEBOOK inbox here….
And a blessed 2014.

Florence revealed to us that her son was suffering from pneumonia amongst other complications.

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