A Luhya, Luo and Kikuyu Man Attend a Funeral – Hilarious

January 28, 2014
mwanikiA Luyha Man invited his friends for his mother’s burial.
After lowering the body, the family put a yam, rice, meat etc, into the grave in line with traditions.
A Kikuyu man asked why?
The Luhya man smiled & said, according to our tradition, the dead go on a long journey & need all the food items they can get”.
A Luo man dropped 100,000k inside and said,
“When the food is finished, buy some more”.
A Kisii man dropped 50,000k and said,
“Add this in case it’s not enough”.
The Kikuyu man smiled and brought out his cheque book & wrote a cheque of 200,000k, dropped it in the coffin & took the 150,000k notes as change, then said,
“withdraw when you reach dear … It is going to be a dangerous journey we don’t know how many robbers are out there and after all we are in a cashless economy!”

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