Larry Madowo Ordered To Apologize For ‘Insulting’ IG Kimaiyo on Twitter

January 17, 2014

madowoLast night, there were reports of an explosion at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. According to the police, a light bulb fell on papers burning them and leading to the explosion. A lot of people were not satisfied with that explanation, and one of them was NTV’s Larry Madowo.
Madowo said that Inspector General David Kimaiyo was not tweeting for himself, on his verified official handle @IGkimaiyo.
He wrote, “Whoever is tweeting as @IGkimaiyo please stop trolling us and go home. You’re drunk”
Perhaps these were the tweets that made Madowo make that statement.



Madowo’s reaction made Kimaiyo feel insulted, and he demanded for an apology right away.

The two seem to have reconciled now, and according to the sassy TV host, Kimaiyo will be live on NTV tonight.

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