Joho Denies Claims That UoN Student Millionaire Babu Owino is His Adviser

January 17, 2014

johoAli Hassan Joho has denied that a former Sonu leader is his adviser.
According to The Nairobian, the Mombasa governor reacted to claims from social media that Babu Owino was his adviser on country government matters.
On January 4, he wrote in a tweet, “I have no advisor that goes by the name (Babu Owino/Paul Ongili). Kindly get me more details on him. Thanks fo the heads up.”
Babu refused to comment when he was approached by the paper. He chaired Sonu between 2011-2012, and  is currently a law student at the University of Nairobi. He says that he will run for chairman again an has promised to give financial support to those who will vie with his endorsement.
A post on ‘Comrades Forum’, University of Nairobi Facebook Group, said that Ndege Serikal who is Babu’s right hand man promised 50, 000 or 40,000 to those who will support Owino.
Babu recently refuted claims that he gets his money from drug dealing.

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