The Bubble Bursts…Quail Eggs Prices Drop 97% To Sh5

January 30, 2014

The quail bubble has finally burst. Eggs that were selling for up to Sh150 a few months ago are now going for as little as Sh5 – a 97% drop. This day had been predicted weeks ago, and it’s finally here.
Many farmers had invested all they had to rear the wild bird. The pioneers made a killing, with laws of supply and demand enabling them to sell a single quail egg for almost 10 times the price of a chicken egg. This is despite it being a third the size.
As a result of more farmers coming in, prices have dropped to as little as 10 shillings and in some cases even 5. Those who entered the business late are without a doubt counting their losses.
This is a screenshot from OLX.

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