Tuskys Starts Rebranding Ukwala

December 18, 2013

Tuskys recently consolidated its grip on the central business district by acquiring three outlets from its rival Ukwala. 
Over the weekend, if finally began rebranding the outlets by mounting huge signage bearing its green and yellow logo.
The three Ukwala outlets are Ronald Ngala, Jogoo Road and Tom Mboya.

Tuskys has been operating the branches for nearly 3 months, despite them still bearing Ukwala colours.
Sale receipts from the branches bore the Tusker Mattresses Limited logo.

The take over has not been without controversy, with the competition watchdog, Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK) starting an inquiry over the deal in October to find out if all the rules were followed.

“We have now been informed of the transaction between Tuskys and Ukwala,” CAK director-general Kariuki Wang’ombe said Monday.
“We are currently evaluating the deal to see if Tuskys has acquired more than 50 per cent of Ukwala and whether it will gain veto power in the operations of the acquired entity.”

Tuskys is currently Kenya’s largest supermarket by branch network, with 50. 
Nakumatt however leads in revenue.

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