REVEALED – Samsung is Paying Sh 41 Million For The Billboard on KICC

November 27, 2013
Photo by @Thecountyvoice

Yesterday, it was revealed that Samsung has struck an out of court deal with KICC management to have its billboard returned on the iconic building.

The electronic display had been pulled down following complaints by Kenyans. Many felt it was wrong to commercialize the building, recognized as a major symbol of our national pride.

The billboard after it was pulled down. [ PHOTO||@bethelOjoo]

An agreement was however reached and now Samsung will pay Sh 41 million for one year, to have the display wrapped around the 26th floor of the building. That’s slightly over Sh3.4 million a month.

The deal to have the billboard back on KICC allows for the screens to show Kenya @ 50 adverts for the next few weeks. This is as the country gets ready to celebrate 50 years of independence next month.

According to a memorandum of understanding between Samsung and management, the billboard will remain in place until December 2014.
Instead of serving Samsung exclusively, it will also be used to promote events happening at the convention centre, as well as market the companies sponsoring them.

Samsung was non committal on whether it will extend the contract beyond December 2014.

Additional reporting by Business Daily
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