EXCLUSIVE – PHOTOS of Prophet Owuor Without The Beard in 2005…Preaching in Nakuru Streets (VIDEO)

November 4, 2013

Prophet Dr. Owuor is without a doubt one the most recognized prophets, not only in Kenya but the whole world. The reception he receives anywhere he goes, from Chile to the Dominican Republic says it all.

When holding meetings in the country, the security present rivals many political leaders. 
He is probably the only private citizen in the country to have police outriders. Not even cabinet secretaries do.
During one of his recent visit to Chile, he was honoured at the country’s senate. 

Prophet Owuor in Chile


Kenyatta University welcomes Prophet Owuor
Prophet Owuor in Germany

If you doubt his influence, just remember he summoned all presidential candidates to Uhuru Park, a few days before the March elections.

Prophet Owuor held a rally at Uhuru Park with presidential candidates in attendance

Some have called him a false prophet, while others fully trust him. Whichever category you fall, you cannot ignore his charisma, fluency and ability to command influence everywhere. You cannot ignore his achievements so far.

His life is shrouded in mystery. Many people wonder where he was all along, and most importantly, whether the Dr. in his name is actual or just honorary.
Prophet Dr. David Edward Owuor is infact a very educated man. He has a PhD in Molecular Genetics.

According to ZoomInfo.comDr. Owuor was born in 1966 in Bondo District in Kenya. Having studied in Makerere University, (Uganda);University of Nairobi, (Kenya); Ben Gurion University of the Negev, (Israel), University of Haifa, (Israel), and University of GiessenInstitute for Genetics he specialized in molecular genetic engineering, examining DNA cloning and nucleotide sequence analysis for medical drug design and discovery.

Upon completion of  his Doctorate from Mount Carmel, Haifa, (Israel) Dr, Owuor joined the University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center (UIC), Center for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology as a Post Doctoral Fellow specialising in signal transduction by Cancer Chemotherapeutic drugs. During this time,  he examined the role of tamoxifen as a chemotherapeutic drug targeting breast cancer and the signalling pathways that are involved.  He also lectured to Ph.D graduate students in the Pharmaceutics & Pharmacodynamics and Drug Metabolism by Cancer Chemotherapeutic and Chemopreventive Drugs Programme of the UIC Medical Center

Prophet Owuor in 2005 with no beard
Dr. Owuor beard shorter than it is currently

Dr Owuor was then appointed Research Teaching Specialist in the Division of Surgical Oncology, The Department of Surgery, the Cancer Institute of New Jersey (CINJ)-UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School). 
After this  he was appointed a Consultant Specialist in cDNA micro array analysis, in Forensic Toxicology and Aircraft Accident of the Civil Aerospace Medical Institute (CAMI). At the CAMIDr. Owuor published in international medical peer review journals such as Aero Space Medical Research R&D Bulletin, carcinogenesis, Journal for biological Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Research Journal of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, Biochemical Pharmacology, among others. 

Prophet Owuor in a Nakuru street


It was during his time at CAMI, in July 3 2003, that God called Dr. Owuor. The prophet was by then at the peak of his career. 

In his own narration, the lord appeared to him and  HE physically touched Dr. Owuor’s mouth and lifted him up, took him into another room within  his house and then left him there, from where  he walked back to  his bedroom. That was on July 3rd 2003.
In October the same year, The Lord appeared to Dr. Owuor again, this time with Prophets Moses and Elijah on one side of the Ark of the New Covenant of The Lord GOD in heaven, while Daniel was on the other side of the Ark of the New Covenant of The Lord GOD. 

On April 2, 2004 between 2pm-4pm, in his own narration, The Lord appeared to him and presented John The Baptist on  his right hand side and The Holy Spirit spoke to Dr. Owuor by voice instructing him to go warn the four corners of the earth to repent in Christ Jesus and prepare the way for the Second Coming of Christ, The Lamb of God. This was The LORD GOD’s commissioning statement to Dr. David Owuor. A statement that turned  his life around and put him on the road to preach repentance.

Upon returning to Kenya, Dr. Owuor set base in Nakuru. From this 2005 video (watch at the end of the article), we see that Prophet Owuor was not exactly as big as he currently is. 
He can be seen preaching to random people in Nakuru streets; some showing very little interest. The same cannot be said of him right now, going by the number of people who turn up at his rallies. 
It would be very difficult for him to walk, leave alone preach on any street, without people crowding.

Bystanders pay little attention to the then little known Prophet Owuor
Prophet Owuor preaches to uninterested bystanders

The issue of his current beard will continue to be a mystery. Last week, while appearing on Jeff Koinange Live, Dr. Owuor refused to answer a question on the same. He told Jeff that were it another journalist asking that question, he would have immediately walked out of the studio.

Here’s that 2005 video of the prophet.

I don’t know if the above information will change your opinion of the Prophet Owuor, but it should surely motivate you to achieve more.

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