Bamzigi Graduates From a New York School & Challenges Kenyan Artists To Think International

November 29, 2013

Self proclaimed African Superman, Bamzigi has graduated from a New York School specializing in electronic music. The rapper broke the news on his Google+ page.

“I’m proud to say that I graduated last week from DubSpot School in New York so that I can help my fellow Kenyan artistes get to where they wanna go in this profession and so that I can shape my dreams without depending on anyone else to do it for me.” he wrote.

He went to say, “I keep getting so disappointed when music executive’s from around the world listen to music from our country, Kenya and say things like ‘our music is not there yet. We have the talent and are very capable but our direction is way off’. That’s one of the reasons why for the last four month’s I’ve been training in music engineer to mix and master music.”  

Bamzigi hopes to help take Kenyan music to the next level. He said Kenya needs to produce music that can be listened to globally.

“As an industry we really have to stop making music for Kenyans only to enjoy but rather music by a Kenyan for people of the entire world. The days of making music so that the guy in Garissa can understand you are over. Let’s make music that the guy in Garissa, Russia, Canada, U.K, USA, Japan, Australia can enjoy. We have to stop thinking small and start being more open minded and more experimental with our creativity,” he concluded.

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