T.D. Jakes Viciously Attacked For His Offensive Comments on Kenya

October 18, 2013

Yesterday, a video of American preacher T.D. Jakes Sunday sermon, in which he made some remarks about Kenya, went viral.
While making a point on where donations given to his ministry go to, the good bishop said that he was supporting some water projects in Kenya, and also a hospital in Nairobi.

That was what he probably meant to say, but the wording brought a whole new interpretation. 
This was exactly what he said. “And the natives all over Kenya drink water because of this ministry.. And the hospital in Nairobi survives because of this ministry.”

Here’s that video.

Kenyans, in their characteristic style, sent thousands of tweets condemning Jakes for ‘claiming he supplies Kenya’s water’.
Here are some of them.

That @BishopJakes, I am not sure he knows where Kenya is on the world map, that’s the only way to explain his severe ignorance. – @MizMuli 

If @BishopJakes ministry provides us natives with drinking water, do we really need a water ministry? #JustAsking – @sunnysunword 

TD jakes is just a bus preacher without the bus – @njiiru 

Which hospital is TD JAKES sponsoring in Nairobi? Imma need myself an aquifer of life – @MediaMK 

Dear @BishopJakes I have come to the only trees with The Internets to thank you for the water. Can you bring us a Game Boy next? – @roomthinker 

Thank TD Jakes for the water you drank today. The natives of Kenya drink water because of his ministry – @RookieKE 

The clean water every Kenyan drinks is courtesy of TD Jakes. Well that’s according to him. – @masaku_ 

I, however, would love @BishopJakes to elucidate exactly where ‘all over Kenya’ he supplies his water! – @FerdyOmondi 

*Takes a sip of TD Jakes’ water* – @bintiM 

Ay @Nakumatt do you stock Bishop TD Jakes’ water? – @roomthinker 

@BishopJakes hey Bishop. Could you please make sure the water you sending to Nyaikuru and Naivasha stops browning teeth? Thank you. – @jciku 

If TD Jakes watered his head with some of his water… -@Kenomoro 

So if @BishopJakes provided all kenyan natives with water. Can he perform a miracle and change it into wine. Thx! – @Numma1 

So @BishopJakes ministry put that aquifer in Turkana then sent Japanese to discover it? – @tophernjeri 

And will the hospital TD Jakes sponsors please stand up! and give us the your rates while at it! Or #KOT will kill the Bishop. – @FerdyOmondi 

@FerdyOmondi : The issue is here in Nairobi we are paying water bills na kumbe TD Jakes asha tu sort na maji – @NizzyKE 

Nairobi water should tell us why we have bills yet @BishopJakes already paid them – @TheKoyier 

Aye #KOT Your Government failed to Provide water to the Native people of Nakuru,Kacheliba and Baringo..TD Jakes came in to help.So,STFU!! – @Nkaate 

The natives of Kenya have turned on Td Jakes.Their only source of water.#SomeoneTellTDJakes we have a ministry……of Water – @RingoDenni 

TD Jakes do does this guy own Mau forest our water catchment area? Does he own mount Kenya? Does he know about Ndakaini dam? –  ‏@MwangalaG

#TDjakes Collect your fucking tap water morrow, you daft braggart. – @IngeniusDude 

TD Jakes has quickly apologized after someone threatened to forward him the link to Mutuma’s song” hahahahah too much – @masaku_

UPDATE: T.D. Jakes has since issued an apology.

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