Important Message From Nairobi Wire

October 4, 2013

It has come to our attention that some businessperson/people is using the name Nairobi Wire inappropriately and illegally.
For a time period we have not established yet, a gutter newspaper has been on sale in some Nairobi streets with the name Nairobi Wire. This has apparently been happening in several other towns.

We have sketchy details at the moment, but enough to know that in no way are we associated with the said paper. We do not own it, provide stories for it, or benefit in whatever way from it. 
Any information from the said paper shall not in any way be linked to

We believe that the culprit has been committing an offence under the laws of Kenya, and we’ll not hesitate to take legal action if it becomes necessary.

Nairobi Wire and its logo is protected by the company laws and the Trademarks Act of Kenya.

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