Gor Mahia Phrase ‘Giniwasekao’ Goes International

October 16, 2013
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Gor Mahia is currently leading the Tusker Premier League table, at 47 points. 
With a 7 point advantage, the cup is their to lose.
Perhaps the realisation that this may be Gor Mahia’s year has catapulted the phrase ’Giniwasekao’ to virality. It means ‘we have taken this thing’, and by the look of things, they have.
Giniwasekao is often used by K’Ogallo fans, and now, someone has published it on Wikipedia.

This is the definition given.
Giniwasekao’, (or giniwasekawo), a corruption of gini wasekao (or wasekawo depending on the Luo dialect in use), Luo for “We have taken this thing” is a catchword popularised by Gor Mahia fans in anticipation of winning the 2013 Tusker Premier League. It is an acknowledgement by the fans that after an 18 year wait, Gor Mahia finally stood a good chance of winning the Kenyan Premier League in 2013 thanks to a very strong performance in the first leg.Whenever two Gor Mahia fans meet, it is an acceptable greeting for one to call out “Giniwasekao,” to the other person, and the other Gor Mahia fan will answer as if in acknowledgement, “Giniwasekao.”

Several variations have been listed, among them:

  • Gini marwa – this thing is ours; short form for “gini” (this thing) “en” (is) “marwa” (ours)
  • Gini wasekano – we have taken and kept this thing;
  • Gini ne wakao chon – we took this thing a long time ago; short for gini nene wakao chon
  • Gini wasebano – we have folded this thing away;
  • Gini waseringo go – we have run away with this thing;
  • Gini wan go – We have this thing with us;
  • Gini wabiroga kao – we will be taking this thing.

Talk of language going international.

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