After Allegedly Slapping Shebesh, Sonko Abuses Coalition of Violence Against Women

October 1, 2013

Nairobi senator on Sunday confirmed to the Star newspaper that he was involved in a physical fight with women rep Rachael Shebesh.

Apparently, the incident took place on Thursday night at the Crowne Plaza hotel, where the two are regulars.
“We could just hear her (Shebesh) throwing some unprintable words to the guest she was with. However, we could not access the suite as the lift to the 5th floor is controlled and restricted by our seniors and the private guests only,” a manager at the hotel narrated to the Star newspaper.

It is not clear why the two leaders were fighting, but it must have gotten really nasty because Shebesh reported the matter to the Coalition on Violence Against Women (Covaw), who have threatened take the flamboyant senator to court.

Sonko has also promised to seek legal redress, claiming that Shebesh assaulted him. Speaking to the paper, Sonko also had some not very pleasant words for COVAW.
He called it an organization of divorcees.

“I have been told that she (Shebesh) has reported the matter to Kilimani Police Station, but time will tell the truth. Men are being battered in silence but the so called Covaw which is composed of divorcees has the tenacity to attack men wherever they feel one of their own has been mishandled,” he said yesterday.

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