Raila and Ida Odinga Celebrate 40th Wedding Anniversary

September 2, 2013

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and his wife Ida were yesterday celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary.
Raila took to Facebook and Twitter to thank his wife for the support she has provided over the years. He also payed homage to all the women for the key role they play in nation building.

If I have been able to achieve anything, it is because of the steadfast support I have constantly received from my wife.
— Raila Odinga (@RailaOdinga) September 1, 2013

As we celebrate 40 years of marriage, I pay homage to the key role women play in the development of not only homes but nations at large.
— Raila Odinga (@RailaOdinga) September 1, 2013

Ida was meanwhile thanking everyone for all the anniversary messages.

Thank you everyone for all the anniversary good wishes. 🙂
— Ida Odinga (@IdaOdinga) September 1, 2013

Indeed from here, we wish Raila and Ida Odinga a happy 40th anniversary.

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