PHOTOS – These Governors Have The Best and Worst Looking Podiums

September 13, 2013
When you talk of Kenya’s presidency, there are several things that go hand in hand with it. In any public ceremony, the president must sit on the presidential chair – the physical chair.
There is also the presidential standard. Uhuru Kenyatta has a blue one, and it must be hoisted alongside the national flag, anytime he’s around.

Then there is the presidential podium. There are two almost identical ones. One has a coat of arms with the words ‘President of Kenya’, the other is written ‘Republic of Kenya’. 
Only the president uses the one with the word ‘President’.

Even the deputy president tried to come up with his own, but that did not go down exactly well.

Now, almost all governors have their own podiums. Some are eye-catchy, others are just a complete fail.

From Nairobi I would have expected much better than this. This is one ugly podium.

Alfred Mutua did not over do it. The podium is simple and elegant.

Narok… Please donate this ASAP. A church somewhere needs a pulpit. 

Not bad Kisumu, but a lot is borrowed from the president’s podium.

Baringo Why? Just like Nairobi and Narok, donate this to a church.

Arguably the best looking, Mombasa’s is Simple and elegant, though borrowed a lot from the president’s. 

Kabogo does not disappoint. Very stylish podium here, probably the best looking. However, it’s borrowed from Obama.

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