Today’s Sunday Nation cover photos has evoked strong reactions on social media. The paper chose to have a large photo of a woman with a face covered in blood, and that has not gone down well with many Kenyans.

Citizen TV’s Julie Gichuru was among the first to condemn the paper for their actions. She said that loved ones of the victim on the front page should sue. This were her tweets on Saturday night.

Daily Nation, I am shocked & horrified at the picture you deemed fit for the cover of your esteemed newspaper. #WestgateMall
— Julie Gichuru (@juliegichuru) September 21, 2013

Daily Nation, you could have opted for numerous images of heroism and courage under fire but no, you went for utter horror #WestageMall
— Julie Gichuru (@juliegichuru) September 21, 2013

Daily Nation, I humbly submit that the loved ones of the victim on your front page should sue. #LifeLessons #Dignity
— Julie Gichuru (@juliegichuru) September 21, 2013

Here are some other tweets on the same.

@dailynation today you have successfully demonstrated your irresponsible journalism on the front page of Sunday Nation. Shame on you! – @NyokabiKabz

This #sundaynation front page picture is not good at all!!!It could b someones Mother,Sister or Wife.. #westgate – ‏@cupid_mike

Sunday Nation have failed. – @Stellatish

The Sunday nation front page,very wrong! – @Sheri_V

I’m still hurting from today’s headline in The Sunday Nation! What recklessness in glorifying terrorism! – @george_mugendi

is it just me or the cover photo on the @sundaynation being a family paper abit insensitive esp to the family of the victim on the photo – @dancoyula

#SundayNation front page #EpicFail FYI even my priest has lamented about it – @JNdururi

Sunday Nation 2day you were very insensitive, unprofessional and uncaring. Some editor needs 2 go home or u shud just b sued – @kennah123

What fuckery is this on sunday nation front page? – @_Njuguna_

That front page photo of this Sunday Nation is so unnecessary!! – @Am_MaRvO

Just seen the Sunday Nation. :O !!! They need to own up to their mistake and issue a public apology. Sensationalism at its worst! – @edgicovi
Sunday Nation,is that the best you could do for a cover page?whatever happened to media ethics.. – @JAMEZ411

The standard happened to get it right.

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