25 Things You Did Not Know About Maina Kageni

September 13, 2013

1.He is a former car dealer.

2.First girlfriend was called Anne,had a nice nose and had to go down.

3.First kiss was the same girl Anne.

4.First drink was a nice cold fanta orange.

5.He never went to college,life offered more opportunities but he is still learning.

6.First time in fame-He won a lunch voucher on Capital fm with Zain Verjee and happily went to pick it.

7.First car was a Ford Fiesta and He bought it in the U.K for 1100 pounds.

8.Best experience-When someone gains something meaningful and life changing from his show.

9.Best advice-Treat anyone the way  you would like them to treat you.

10.Best moment at work-Interviewing reggae and dancehall sensation Shaggy.

11.Best friend- Shaffie Weru.

12.Best inspirarion-Hardworking and ambitious people like Bill Gates.

13.Favourite cologne-212 Cologne For Men.

14.Favourite song-You Guy by P-unit

15.Favourite Designer-Someone who puts creativity and message on a design.

16.Favourite local Apparel-Mwanaume ni effort,mwanamke ni standards.

17.Favourite local musician-Nameless.

18.Dream car-Range Rover Vogue 2013.

19.Dream Job-Already living his dream.

20.Dream experience-Helping a dear listener who eventually made it in life but unfortunately lost her life.

21.Dream city-Nairobi city.

22.Dream Girl-An ambitious,full of life kind of Girl.

23.Best Team-He is a die-hard Manchester United Fan and has been to Old Trafford and held the Premier League Trophy.

24.Worst Moment-Going to work late one day and thinking of sneaking into the office without the bosses’ knowledge.

25.Advice for encouragement-Do your thing,follow your dreams,work hard,be thankful and know haters are  good for you,never mind them talking about you.

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