10 HILARIOUS Photos That Summarize Yesterday’s #SomeoneTellTanzania Twitter Trend

September 20, 2013
We have seen #SomeoneTellNigeria, #SomeoneTellBotswana and #SomeoneTellUganda. Now yesterday, we had #SomeoneTellTanzania trending on Twitter.

It started with an NTV story about Kenyans teachers getting chased from Tanzania. Department of Labour has even raised a complaint with the Ministry of East African Affairs. 
Ugandan teachers are also allegedly being kicked out.

When word reached the Twitter streets, these are some of the reactions that followed.

#someoneTellTanzania that Nairobi is just a city not Heaven

Ati Tanzanians Laminate their ATM CARDS #SomeoneTellTanzania

#SomeoneTellTanzania the plural of the word Diamond is MaDemoni” #idie

#SomeoneTellTanzania  TOT does nt mean Tanzanians on Tuita it means ah drop of alcohol

#SomeoneTellTanzania Our football fans dont cry shamelessly in the stadiums when their team lose, they throw stones

#Tanzania women have pockets in their weaves

#SomeoneTellTanzania Obama stopped shortly there to laugh at Msechu.

#SomeOneTellTanzania Diamond’s lips are bigger than your economy

#someonetelltanzania that Chege of tmk is a kikuyu who failed to pay his rent and fled to tz

Can #someonetelltanzania teacher wanjiku is more famous than mwalimu nyerere

#SomeoneTellTanzania that unlike Batman, Spiderman n Superman, Suleiman iz not a super hero..

Tanzania taps out..!

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