VIP Lounge Burnt Down… And Other Crazy Jokes about The JKIA Fire

August 7, 2013

It’s a sad day for Kenya, as our biggest airport was engulfed in flames this morning. Thankfully, there were zero casualties and definitely that’s something to thank God for.

Considering that everything that burnt down can be replaced, Kenyans on Twitter have taken their usual road again… making all kind of stupid jokes about today’s events. 

Here are some of them.

Nobody knows the cause of the fire but Madowo is at Jkia interviewing the fire itself

Ruto also heading to JKIA after the Fire trucks ran out of water. He’s now going to put the fire out with Tears.

The Jkia vip lounge is no more. Siblame mtu but hio moto si ilikuwa na madhaRAO.

When I saw smoke at #JKIA at 5am I tried to call 999 but was promptly told “mteja unayepigia amelala kwa sasa”.

BREAKING: Al Shabaab Spokesperson has confirmed that all flights at JKIA will be diverted to unknown location in Somalia.

Her: What’s all that smoke at JKIA? There’s a fire?? 
Me: Naah, it means they still haven’t chosen a new Pope.

Ok. I’m seriously freezing…. Not helping with the flu…” kaote moto JKIA

Raila Amolo Odinga buana u r so Unpredictable, now you have set JKIA on fire after inciting mourners in Kisii,

Me : Hey babe, were you in JKIA this morning? Her : Why? Do I smell of smoke? Me : Nah. Cause you’re hot.”

Even if JKIA is on fire girl you can always land “in” my heart”

I thought JKIA always has well equipped fire fighters on permanent standby?ama it was too cold na walikuwa wanaota moto?

News reporters be like “Kwa habari Moto moto kuhusu jkia, ungana nasi saa moja jioni.”

Venye JKIA kumewaka leo pilots wana communicate via smoke signals”

kwani VIP lounge ya JKIA imeungua na RAIS atapanda na nini ndege ama ataendanga KISUMU

wangetumia mixtape ya Dj Presley…no? “@joseh_254: but why should they use hizi tapes za crime scene hapa jkia”

On opinion count: Do you support the decision of the fire to burn down JKIA?


KIUK man: JKIA imeshomeka
LUO man: A raging inferno has consumed JKI Airport in the wee hours disrupting our preferred mode of transport

Eng. Kamau ni Soil engineer na ako hapo JKIA anajifanya anajua juu ya twitter, people should stay in their clay and loam lanes

Bale spotted at jkia .. he’s there for his medical. aliambiwa aende Santiago BURNabeu …

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