10 Things You Did Not Know About Churchill Show’s Shix Kapienga

August 19, 2013

1. As much as she confesses being a tomboy, she is still a sucker for heels and other girlie things.

2. Despite being a regular feature on our screens, her greatest fear is fame.

3. During her high school years, she was crowned Miss Popularity.

4. Her passion for kids is immense to a point that her greatest ambition is to build a children’s home after she finishes school.

5. Most people think she is a smoker while truth is, she can’t stand the habit.

6. Other than acting, Tasha dances salsa and loves playing the flute.

7. She enjoys taking road trips to re-evaluate her life on stage and school.

8. She loves capsicum, especially with onion rings and lemon juice.

9. She loves her sleep and every free time she gets, she spends with her family or curled up in bed.

10. While in high school, she was a deadly volleyball player and to date, still plays it for fun.

-Nancy Wanjiku aka Shix Kapienga or Tasha is an actress, radio presenter and TV host.

Compiled by Ruby Orimba for Pulse
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