Photos – Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua Living a Presidential Life

July 25, 2013
I’m now starting to understand why the MPs were complaining that the Governors are small presidents.
It’s simple: they are.

We have been paying attention to their cry for Prados and entertainment allowances, yet their real power is manifested in their offices.
Lets use Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua as the case study.

For a start, there’s a Governor’s chair. Almost similar to the presidential chair we’ve all come to know. Small president?

At his office, he has a replica of those Harambee house entrance steps. 

Did you notice the podium is his and his alone?

Even more…

When it comes to holding talks, The Kenyan Presidency is too low for Mutua, he has gone inters. Obama style.

Here are some more powerful photos from Machakos.

Even the sheiks cometh..


Ambassadors are also streaming in. 

Slovakian ambassador to Kenya, H.E. Dr. Michael Mlynar

And of course the small president and the overall president sometimes bump into each other.

So next time your pushed to the side of the road by a police siren, it may just be the Governor’s motorcade passing.
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